Hello! My name is CAROL™, and I'm your Digital Career Coach.
I’m here to find out a little bit more about you so that I will be able to give you a clearer picture about your career and how you can make it even better!
This quiz will take about 12 minutes to complete, but please take your time to think about the answers…some of them are tough!
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Hi ,
Let’s begin with some basic information.
Right now, how do you feel about your current job?
If you are not presently employed, for next few questions reflect upon how you felt in your previous job
At the present moment, I enjoy the work I am doing.
I can clearly see how my work is beneficial to others.
I have the capacity to handle more responsibilities at work.
I look forward to going to work every morning.
Most of the time, I enjoy working with my colleagues.
Most of the time, I enjoy working with my boss.
That was helpful. Let’s uncover how you feel about your company.
I think there is job security at my current company.
My company has been investing in my career in terms of Training, Coaching, etc.
Let us find out what motivates you.
I feel I am well paid in my current role.
When it comes to my salary, I feel
My Boss/Company recognizes me for the contributions I make at work.
The work/life balance in my current role is just right for me.
This role gives me many opportunities to develop new skills and gain experiences.
How do you feel about your current Work-From-Home schedule?
I cope well with the current stress level of this job.
Please tell me more about where you see your career heading.
I can see a clear career path ahead of me in this job.
I would leave my job if a better one presented itself.
I feel my career is headed in the right direction.
And how about your skills?
Right now, I am able to clearly list the 5 special skills I am really good at.
I am certain of what specific skills are needed to further my career.
Looking ahead, I think the demand for my current skills/knowledge will increase.
Which statement describes you best?
What do you honestly think about the future of your industry?
Do you have a career mentor?
Do you have a "5-year" Career Plan?
If you do have a Career Plan, do you think it's a realistic one?
Are you planning to upgrade yourself (new skills, new knowledge) soon?
Which describes you best?
When was the last time you updated your Resume?
How about your Linkedin profile?
And now, here’s a very tough question…feel free to take your time on this one.
For my next role/job,
When was the last time you had a meaningful Career conversation with your boss?
Now, let’s talk about your networks.
The people in my Industry and/or other Business Departments know about me.
I have a wide network of contacts in my industry.
I regularly keep in touch with my network.
Thanks for sharing. Just a few more important questions. Tell me about your Life Plan.
I believe in planning my life far ahead of time.
Which describes you best?
I know which segments of my industry are growing or stagnating.
I believe there is good demand for my role/function in the coming years.
I have undergone skills training recently.
Which Career stage are you at:
You may choose more than one.
I like myself just the way I am today.
If I were to lose my job tomorrow, I am very confident I would land another job within 1 to 3 months.
How important is this to me?
I believe engaging a Career Coach can help me improve my Career.
We're done! Thanks for staying the course.
To finish up, we need a little more information so my recommendations can be more accurate.
Very Unhappy
Slightly Unhappy
Slightly Happy
Very Happy
Not Important
Very Important